Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2012

Sull & Roses in progress

IN PROGRESS!!! With roses and skulls you can´t go wrong! I started this piece on the rips today in a 4,5 hours session and my customer sat like a champ! Thanks for the passion! colors coming soon...

Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012

Rose and mirror

Did this today for a nice customer in a 3,5 hours session! I drew the sketch with a broken glass in the mirror but she didn't like it that way! So we decided to only make some soft shadows in the mirror!

Leprechaun at the end of the rainbow

I finished this piece about two years ago! It shows the irish leprechaun in the wood with his boiler filled with gold!

Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2012

Feuer verbrennen und Wasser löschen (Patrick Langes)

Das erste buch von meinem Bruder ist frisch aus der Presse und bei uns im Studio erhältlich! Bei Interesse einfach im Studio vorbei schaun!

Grandfather and Grandson

I did this last year in a 6 hours session on the lower leg! This is a foto of the healed tattoo! I was glad to do this tattoo because I really like the idea and the meaning of this design! Its a realization of a childhood memory!

Donnerstag, 12. Januar 2012

On a walk

Took this pics on a walk in my home town! It helps me to settle down after a stressful day at work!

The dark side

I took this pic at the Kennsington Park in London! It looks scary and reminds me of the old horror b-movies from the 40's!

The game boy playing toad

This piece is the second tattoo I did in 2012! It was big fun for me and my buddy Omar!

Belmirs throat

Belmir came last year from Austria to get his throat tattooed! It was a hard 5 hours session for him but he was brave!

Clockwork Tattoos Street Rat


Burning Church

Give and take

Gipsy Queen

Owl woman

Devils daughter

Monster crab

Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

Darth Vader Water color

Night nurse

Did this for a good friend who had also been one of my first customers ever! Thank you for all your support!


This customer came down from Germany for this crocodile tattoo! It was a nice session! I really like the green I used...

Mexican girl

I did this Mexican girl tattoo in a 7 to 8 hours session! I normally make tattoos of this size in two sessions but we had a good run, so we finished it in one session! It was great fun and he sat like a champ!

Pin up

Tribute to our homeland

Before I tattooed this design I did it as a watercolor painting! A guy saw it on facebook and asked me if we could tattoo it. I was glad that he asked me because I really wanted to tattoo this piece! It's a tribute to our beloved homeland! Well, I´m a mountain man!

Mexican flair

I did this last year for a very good friend! It was lots of fun couse he only told me about  his idea and let me complete freedom to draw it however I wanted! The tattoo is placed on the inner side of the thigh. I counted the hours of preparing the design and with taking photos, drawing, color sketch, changes etc. it was about 11 hours! Now I think it was good to spend all this time for the tattoo, he is lucky with it and that´s great!